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Monthly Archives: July 2019

My soulmate is a married man

His wife is addiction to meth and alcohol

I did not realize the strength of their bond

I was naive enough to think his passion and love for me would be enough to make him recognize the destruction she brought to his life and empower him to let her go

I pretended I didn’t believe this – I even convinced myself I wasn’t jealous of their relationship

But like any possessive female, she became a monster in the defense of her chains on her man

She saw a threat in me – she saw my secret underlying desire to break her hold on him, which even I did not clearly see

She began to work her spells, gradually convincing him that it was I who was the monster set on destroying his life

She is skilled in this endeavor – she’s done it before with his other lovers in the past

She has been victorious every time

I was a fool to think my love would ever be enough to come between them on this earthly plane

I was a fool to think I would have a truce with her and maintain a twisted threesome

I should have recognized her calculating stare when our bodies pressed together covered in sweat and love

I should have seen that she was quietly working on his mind, unraveling his love for me

The only recourse i have now is to let them be – admit defeat and step away, live the best life I can, knowing I will always remain alone because my soul mate is in the arms of another who is slowly killing him, but who he can never quit and who will stop at nothing to destroy me too if I dare to come between them

I will live my life as well as possible and take comfort in the knowledge that, while their marriage is the stronger bond in this lifetime, ours is the one that will endure through time and space

His soul is mine, bitch. We have loved each other for eternity

You can drown his current mind and body in delusions and destruction but your chains will fly away as dust some day and my soul will be there to welcome him back to our forever entwined hearts